Make It Snappy!

I’m almost always running late. When I was a kid, the most common phrase my mom said to me was probably, “Starla, make it snappy!”, meaning, “Starla, hurry up!”.  (In all fairness, she probably actually said “I love you” more often, but this was a close second.) For some reason, I just do things slowly. I get distracted easily, which makes me always feel behind. Like I’m constantly trying to catch up. This has caused the most common nightmare plot to be something like this:

Exposition: I’m in a common place in an odd way, and I have somewhere important that I need to be with an important task to complete.

  • Example: I’m at my high school even after graduating college, and I need to get to class so that I can earn my high school diploma.

Rising Action: Things keep coming up that prevent me from getting to where I need to be.

  • Example: I need to get to math class, but I haven’t finished my homework. And my shoes are missing…

Climax: Everyone else leaves. I get more worried and the worst possibilities keep running through my head.

  • Example: I have to go to Circle K to get my flip flops–who knows why I left them there–but now the school day has started so everyone else is in class, and I’m by myself. I fear that I’m never going to be able to finish high school, because it’s been too long since I’ve been there. 

Falling Action/Resolution: I wake up.

  • Example: Actually before I woke up in this story, I ran into Symphonic Winds and remembered that I’d get to play in band again, which made high school not so bad. Then I woke up.

I don’t know what caused me to have such a big fear of being late, but it’s something I still struggle with and get the most frustrated about. It’s also when I get the most frustrated with God for not moving fast enough. I like to plan things, but for some reason God doesn’t seem to like my schedule all that much; He’s always changing things up. Maybe if God doesn’t even stick to my schedule, I shouldn’t be so worried about it either.

I hate being late. But when I think back to why I’m late so often, it’s because I don’t like rushing all of the time. I’m later than I want to be for work, because I took time to make a cup of coffee and talk with my mom. Or I decided to take longer and enjoy the warmth in the shower. Or I wanted to read my Bible before leaving for work. Or I took time to read an extra chapter of a good book.

There are certainly things that I need to work on so that I’m not late all of the time. But maybe it’s okay to be late sometimes. Maybe it’s worth it to take time for friends, coffee, reading, and other things that are meant to be enjoyed. Instead of rushing through it and being on time, I think I’d rather enjoy life and be late.


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