Yesterday my church put on a huge outreach event in a neighborhood. We basically threw a block party with food, live worship music, the sharing of the gospel, and an invitation for salvation. Several came forward to accept Christ’s precious gift. Then, we filled a tub with water and ten were baptized right on the spot—in 95 degree weather; no change of clothes; no special certificate.

What an incredibly beautiful, God-filled day!

Unfortunately, my heart was far from where it should have been. Sure I was excited to see people getting saved and even got chills when they were also baptized. I was witnessing the very active, living beauty of God in broken people. But while others came up with tears streaming down their cheeks, realizing their need for a Savior,  I was not with them.

I was sitting behind a drum set, waiting for the altar call song to get enough momentum so that I could start playing. My mind was on me. People were present that hadn’t heard me play before, or at least in a long time. My mind was on them. And I wanted to make a good impression. My mind was on me.

Why is it that my mind isn’t always focused on God?

Even in the midst of ministry, it becomes so easy to miss God. I was so focused on myself and on other people that I became distracted from my purpose. From GOD’s purpose. “…for the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost,” (Luke 19:10). 

Just as God’s salvation is true for those who were baptized yesterday, so is it true for me who was baptized 16 years ago. When I get lost in my own agenda and poor thinking, He recaptures my heart and renews my mind so that I can again be aligned with His good and perfect will (Rom. 12:2). Jesus always brings me back to where salvation lives—in Him.


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